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Step 1 - Registration

You will be able to apply to register with Coventry Homefinder by completing the on-line application form.  Registering on Coventry Homefinder is a fully automated service and you will be provided with your registration number and will be placed in band 3A or 3B depending on whether you have a local connection to the area.

For details on whether you are eligible to register, please click Who Can Use the Service.

Do I have a priority need?

If you think that your household requirements mean that you should be in a different band this can only be done if you write to Coventry Homefinder requesting an assessment.  Please write to:

Coventry Homefinder, 1st Floor Spire House, New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2PW.  Details of priority bands can be found here

Once you have registered on Coventry Homefinder you should keep your account up to date with any changes to your household to ensure that you can bid on appropriate accommodation.  Changes to your circumstances can be made by visiting your online application, making the changes and clicking submit at the end of the application.

Please do not email us or send client messages with your changes of circumstances or details as this will not be changed on your application.

On the anniversary of your first registration date you will be sent a message through your homefinder account advising you to review the details of your application.  If you do not review the details, your application will be closed 125 days after the first notification was sent to you.  If your account is closed and you still want to bid on properties you must make a new application and will lose the benefit of any registration time that you have accrued.

Property Size

You will only be eligible for properties that are suitable for the size of your family. The following table tells you how we normally decide on the number of bedrooms that you are eligible for:


        Number of Bedrooms

 Household Type



 1  2  3  4  5
 Single Person  Bedsit  1 Bed        
 2 adults living together as a couple    1 Bed        
 1 or 2 adults with  one child      2 Bed      
 1 or 2 adults  with two  children       2 Bed  3 bedrooms    
 1 or 2 adults with three children        3 bedrooms    
 1 or 2 adults with four children        3 bedrooms  4 Bedrooms  
  1 or 2 adults with five or more children          4 Bedrooms  5 bedrooms


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