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Welcome to Coventry Homefinder

You can use this website to:


The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018 as a result we have developed our Privacy Notice for the new Prevention service. For more information click here.  For information shared with Local Government see here.

The Cabinet office (who are a government department),  for the purposes of a data matching exercise called the National Fraud Initiative. The purpose of the exercise is to detect fraud and error. The Council is legally required to participate in this exercise.  More information on the National Fraud Initiative can be found here


Our address is:
Housing Options
Customer Service Centre
Coventry, CV1 1FS 

Please note: The bidding cycle starts on a Thursday and ends on the following Tuesday at midnight.

Properties are not advertised on Wednesday and you are not able to place a bid on a Wednesday.



Let’s Talk – Tell us what you think of the current Coventry Homefinder Policy (housing allocations policy) 

As we all know, decent housing is not simply about bricks and mortar, it is crucial to sustaining and creating prosperous, thriving communities. 

Whilst the Council no longer owns any housing itself, it is legally required to have a scheme that allocates social housing. The aim is that those with the greatest need for housing are prioritised. In Coventry, this policy is called the Coventry Homefinder Policy. 

There is an increasing demand for housing in Coventry. There are approximately 14,000 households registered on Coventry Homefinder. 

This means we need to review the current Homefinder Policy and the system for allocating social housing. We also need to ensure the policy supports the city to prevent or relieve homelessness. 

Please visit the Let’s Talk – Coventry Homefinder page to leave us a comment, ask us a question or answer our quick poll questions about the current policy.  

Your feedback will help us to revise the policy. We will be keeping the Let’s Talk Coventry Homefinder page updated on our progress. 


Local Lettings Plan

LETTINGS PLAN - Collier Place, Woodway Lane, Coventry, CV2 2ND and Bonneville Place, Thimbler Road, Coventry, CV4 8FN -  2 bedroom flats and 2 bedroom bungalows.

Click here for more details.

Applying for a priority band

Coventry Homefinder now have a new on-line tool for you to apply for a priority band.  To apply click here

Please be aware that we currently have a backlog of assessments, where all of the requested documentation has been received, which is currently 12 weeks behind. We apologise for this delay in assessing any requested priority banding and assure you that all assessments will be complete as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience at this time.

Coventry Homefinder Policy

If you are in a priority band, you will have received a letter explaining any changes to your application. This will also show your 'effective date' - the date that you applied for priority banding. This will be used to prioritise shortlists and ensure that households who have been in housing need for the longest get prioritised first.

On the 3rd April 2018 the Homelessness Reduction Act comes into force. There are now significant changes in the way we will be dealing with homelessness and these changes have had an impact on the Homefinder Policy. To find out more please see the updated policy here.

Informing Coventry Homefinder of changes to your contact details or circumstances

If your details or circumstances are incorrect you must make these changes to your application yourself.

  • Go to Login/My Account . Log in to your Homefinder account and insert the changes in the relevant sections. 
  • Submit the changes by scrolling through all 9 pages of the registration form and clicking 'SUBMIT' at the end of the form

The Coventry Homefinder Team are unable to validate these changes unless you have clicked submit at the end of the registration form. 

Please be advised that the Coventry Homefinder Team will not be responding to any messages received regarding changes to customer details (emailed or through your online account messaging facility).  All changes must be submitted through your online account as detailed above.

Annual Renewal of your Homefinder Registration

All registrations will be reviewed annually, on the anniversary of your application if you have an email address on your application you will receive a reminder on the first day of the renewal process. Notification will show on your account when you log onto it as a pink box across the page with the link to the renewal pages. This pink box notification will show on your account for the full 125 days time scale given  for renewal completion. To review your application you must:

  • Go to Login/My Account . Log in to your homefinder registration by inserting your registration number and memorable date in the fields requested and check the details that are on your account to ensure that they are correct.  It is vital that your account holds the correct details to contact you; and that the members of your household included in your application are correct.

  • Submit any changes that you have made by scrolling through all 9 pages of the registration form and clicking 'SUBMIT' at the end of the form

  • If you do not need to make any changes to your registration form it is still essential that you check through all 9 pages and click 'SUBMIT' at the end of the form for your renewal to be validated. 

If  you do not submit your registration at your annual review your Homefinder account will be CLOSED after 125 days. If your account is closed you will need to re-register and will lose any benefit of your previous registration date.

We recommend that you log in to your account at least every 6 weeks to check for online messages.  The risk of not checking your online account could result in you missing the annual renewal message and your application being closed. 

Housing Benefit Changes

Changes have been made to the way that Housing Benefit is calculated. For up to date information on all the changes to the benefits system, including a 'bedroom calculator' to see if you are under-occupying if you currently live in a social home, please click here: Benefits News

Changes to Advertised Properties

Property ref 50685 Mossdale Close, Radford, (Citizen 05/09/2019  -10/09/2019) advertised in error. Noted 15/10/2019

Property ref 50798 Orchard House, Longford (Midland Heart 26.9.19 - 01.10.19) advertised incorrectly. Noted 15.10.19.

Property ref 50652 Thistley Fields North (Citizen 22.8.19 - 27.8.19) tenant has withdrawn notice noted 30.9.19

Property ref 50663 Thomas king House ( Citizen 29.8.19 - 3.9.19) tenant has withdrawn notice noted 30.9.19

Property ref 50442 Bramble Street (Whitefriars 18.07.2019 - 23.07.2019) duplicate advert, noted 31.07/2019.

Property refs 50194, 50195,50196. 50197 and 50198 Rafferty Adams Way (Orbit 4.7.19 - 9.7.19) properties not available until September 2019 noted 29.7.19

Property Ref 50200 Swanswell Street (Orbit 6.6.149 - 11.6.19) no longer available noted 17.7.19

Property Ref 50315 Cockcroft Avenue (Whitefriars 20.6.19 - 25.6.19) no longer available noted 2.7.19

Property Ref 50177 Bruce Road (Whitefriars 30.5.19-4.6.19) tenant has rescinded notice noted 17.6.19

Property Ref 50283 Narberth Way (Stonewater 13.6.19-18.6.19) withdrawn for emergency move noted 17.6.19



For details of previous changes to advertised properties please click this link. Previously Advertised

Midland Heart - Homes Direct

Midland Heart operate a West Midlands choice based lettings scheme called Homes Direct. You can apply at

Mutual Exchange

Coventry Homefinder does not operate a Mutual Exchange system.  

There is a national organisation who operate a Mutual Exchange Scheme known as Homeswapper and this can be accessed through their website  Many of the partner Housing Associations are members of this organisation and existing tenants can participate in the Scheme free of charge.   If your Landlord is not a member of the Scheme there will be a small charge to register.

West Midlands Making Best Use of Stock (WMBUS) is a partnership of local authorities and registered providers in the West Midlands who work together to develop joint approaches to make best use of housing stock. Information relating to WMBUS can be found at

One of the new services offered by WMBUS is a mutual exchange scheme that is free to use for tenants of the partner registered providers.  Details of the scheme can be found by clicking Lets Swap


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