Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the Register tab on the top right hand side to apply to join our housing register. It's an online form and will take around 30 minutes to complete, please take some time to gather the information you will need to provide us with. You will certainly need your national insurance number and a list of your addresses over the last 5 years to proceed. In addition if you have a reason to move that includes financial reasons you will need to gather information about your income & spending. And if you have medical reasons for needing to move you may need details of your medications and treatment. Before you start it might be worth having this information to hand as you will need to upload this information before this application can be assessed.


Please note that you can save your application and come back at a later date. If we are unable to make contact with you or you fail to provide information requested, your application will be cancelled

To join the Housing Register you must be eligible; over 16 years old and meet the qualifying criteria. If you do not meet the qualifying criteria you will not be accepted on to the Housing Register. Certain persons from abroad are not eligible to join the register – this is detailed in section 4.2 and 4.3 of the full policy. The rules are complicated, and if this section applies to you, you may wish to seek independent advice.


You may not qualify to join the Coventry Homefinder register if:

• You are currently adequately housed and have no assessed housing need
• If you have no local connection to Coventry (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
• Your gross household income is £50,000 per year and/or you have assets of £50,000 or more (savings, investments or other assets)
• You are a homeowner but do not have a housing need
• You or any member of your household have been guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make you unsuitable to be a tenant (e.g. non-compliance with a previous tenancy agreement)

Enter your log in details here. You will only be able to log in if you have completed the Housing Register Application Form.

If you have any changes to your circumstances, e.g. a change of address, change of contact number, a new addition to the family, please let us know by logging in completing the Change of cirmstances form.

If you need to update us on your new phone or email address, please update your contact details when you next sign in.
You will be advised of what to provide, any evidence should be no older than 3 months.

The Housing Association that advertises the property is responsible for shortlisting, not Coventry HomeFinder. A shortlist is created of everyone who is interested in a property. This list is placed in order of bands and if more than one person with the same band has placed a bid, your effective date is then taken into account. The person with the highest band and/or earliest effective date who meets the criteria for the property is the person who is likely to be offered the property.

This is subject to checks and references carried out by the Housing Association during a pre tenancy interview. The Housing Association will advise you what they need from you before they confirm the property is definitely yours. This could include a reference from your landlord or employer, housing benefit form or other details..

Yes, you can have 3 live bids within a 7 day period. However, you should only bid on properties that you are genuinely interested in as the policy only allows for three refusals. Your banding will be reduced if you refuse 3 properties within a 12-month period. This is one reasonable refusal for homeless household that have been given main housing duty.
Occasionally, a property that has been available on the website becomes unavailable after bidding closes. This can happen when the tenant changes their mind about leaving the property and withdraws their notice or if there are major works going on in the property causing significant delays.

When you look at properties on the website without logging in, you will be able to see all of the properties advertised in that week.

Once you have logged in, you will only be able to see the properties that you are eligible to bid on.

You may not be eligible for a property due to its size or any age restrictions applied by the Housing Association

It depends on the size of property you need and the areas you want to live in. Please see feedback section for more information on previous properties.

The landlord for that property will contact you by telephone, e-mail or letter making an initial offer of the property. It is vitally important that you ensure that your contact details are correct before you confirm your bid as if they are out of date you may miss out on the offer.

If you are a homeless household that has been given main housing duty, Coventry Homefinder will contact you.

You can change your password or request a new one by going to the Sign in page and clicking on "forgotten your password", this will allow you to reset it. You must use the email address that you used to register initially.

You may notice that your effective date is the same as your re registration date. This is because each record has to be updated manually. You may notice that your effective date is the same as your re registration date. This is because each record has to be updated manually.


The team are busy working on this in date order, if your banding is for the same reason as it was previously then your effective date will be updated.


If your banding is now higher as your circumstances have changed, your effective date will be the same as your registration date